Other Work

Lip Lock by Andy McConnell
Number One by Andy McConnell
Change in Vibrations by Andy McConnell
Mary's Favorite by Andy McConnell

“Mary Randlett (an art hero of mine) used to chide me, saying, ‘You say you make art but you never have shows... when are you going to invite me to a show?’ So, a couple years ago, I loaded my car up with pieces and had a private show for her in the parking lot of the retirement home where she lives. She really tuned in to some of the flat, abstract noodling pieces I had done and told me to focus on those... which I haven’t. When I put things away, she wouldn’t let go of the piece she’s holding in the photo so I gave it to her to add to the miasma of her collection, arguably the largest private collection of work by Northwest artists.”

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